I randomly asked myself, 'why do people have to make wrong decisions in life?'
Some said that mistakes and experiences are the best teacher in life.

Personally, I don't understand that term until now. When a teacher makes a mistake, it shows that he/she fails to educate correctly. Same goes to us, basically myself. To me, when I made a mistake, it shows how stupid and careless I am in life, how unaware I am of my surroundings, how incautious I am when it comes to making life decisions and so on. 

'It's fine, you're still young. Make room for mistakes

Another term that I hardly accept. I am young, I am sixteen but when I make mistakes, I tend to wreck myself even more instead of finding the positive side of it. I am fragile, I'm easily wreck and break, not literally. 

Here's a common story that most of us experienced at this age, love. Such a powerful word but when I think maturely, I have such low knowledge about love. All I know is ever since I was born, I have a strong wide feeling that can never disappear which is loving my family. However, when I was 14, I was blinded by love. I cared too much about some guy that I hardly even knew. 'Monkey love' that's what the old folks called it. I couldn't agree more, 90% chance things at this age won't last. Friendships, boyfriends, girlfriends... Its nothing. It's just some kind of extra feeling of love we feel about someone other than your family.

I had a boyfriend, loved him as if he was my world. Well at least I thought he would be. Wasted 2 years putting him up as my number 1. I regret that so much. I could have spent those years being cheerful and happy with my family, rather than worrying about my boyfriend and being moody every time we fought. Today, I laughed at myself for acting likewise. I couldn't be more happier now, there is not much to think of... no problems just joy. 

I wont talk about ONLY boyfriends and such. Friends are also sometimes a pain in the ass, especially the ones who talks bad behind us. Yes, been there done that. Next chapter, friends who used us for something that they want. Yes, been there done that as well. For this chapter, not many of us has experienced this I believe. For me, most of my friends are only interested in my money. How materialistic are they? Too much. 

'Learn from your mistakes'

Yes, this is one of the terms that brought me back to life. This is one of the terms that actually helps us to realise how hard life is. Truthfully, at this age? This is just a beginning. My family members are all grown up, watching them and analysing their problems that they had to overcome in life is very much painful yet interesting as I learned to be more cautious in life. 

In life, there are ups and downs. You just have to live with it . Suck it up, get your hormones and shits together, start accepting and move on. Hard? Well go to the library, go to the 'self enrichment' corner. Thank me later :) 


You know what's hard being a teenager? Confuse emotions all the time. I love being a teenager at some point because of the fun. But the emotional types that involves love and friendship? Sucks

Based on my experiences, my friends are all backstabbers at some point. They'll talk shit about me to others once in a while, or even blab out my secrets, oh oh and not full-filling their promises. But that's normal, as a 16-year-old nothing is forever. Wait, at any age nothing is forever.

A quick tip, as a girl who constantly have PMS every month, don't let it overcome you tho. Its not good and actually personally I think that PMS you is not an excuse whenever you are pissed with someone or dealing with multi-emotions. You can actually overcome it like for example just keep your mouth shut and not expressing your hate feelings to someone, it can leads to them telling other people what you're pissed about. As for muslim girls, we all know how to calm ourselves right? Wudhu'! As simple as that! There's no use for you to talk bad about someone who you're pissed with cause it is a sin right? And if you're down in the dumps, just cry and let it out to a chair or something that doesn't have a heart. Sharing your problems with someone is good sometimes, but you can't trust that person 100%. So to be safe, share it to yourself or to god as He actually listens and sees our pain much more than anyone around us.

And girls, please don't ever let ego overtake you. This whole 'if he loves me, he should act first' concept is just so old school. We're in the year of 2013 not 1980's where guys are gentlemen. Agree with me that 70% of the guys you know are load of bullshits. Look, if you want to talk to him, make a move. If you want him to know that you're jealous or hurt just tell him. To me, the concept in being in a relationship is 'keep it simple'. Sometimes they just don't notice the little shit tings girls feel cause girls are quite good actors I must say. However, there are still guys that are perfect and pleasing to the eye. If your boyfriend is an ass, consider yourself lucky, cause you're just another step closer meeting the perfect one for you :)

I consider myself lucky after knowing that I was(still to be exact) friends with backstabbers, loved a guy who doesn't even love me back, looked down on lower class kids, pushed the ones who truly cares, ignored the ones who loved me, hold on to someone who took me for granted and the list goes on. I'm still 16 and there are more stairs that I need to climb. Lesson learned. No regrets, honestly.


Quite frankly, it's been like months since the last time I update my blog which was 2012? Haha well I read through my blog and decided to continue it since I don't have a diary and no one actually reads my blog so yeah. It's 2013, I got 8A's for my PMR! Alhamdulillah and currently I'm taking full science in form 4

Form 4 is such an ass kicker honestly. Practically, it's like back to the basic. The subjects aren't that hard, I'm just that lazy to learn all of it. So new subjects for this year are Addmaths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics. Not a major fan of Physics cause I couldn't understand a thing, hate bio cause its a reading subject and trust me I just got lucky getting an A for Sejarah last year. Chemistry is a killer, you'll understand it at first and that shit gets weirder and weirder. As for Addmaths, not as hell like how people say. You just need to understand what it wants and well for me, I think its much much easier than Modern Maths.

Next, umm well I love 2013 cause I just discovered who I really am and who I can be in the future. I also learned that I can't trust people easily. It really sucks after knowing I've been friends with assholes and backstabbers for the past 3 years in STAR. Also learn that love in such a young age is just pure bullshit, I mean I'm still 16. I shouldn't be holding on to someone who may not even be my future husband. So to keep it simple, I'll just wait for my mum to recommend me some hunk doctors when I'm 21 :)

I'm in this crisis where I just couldn't stop playing with my gadgets. It's bugging my family and myself too cause I don't spend much time with them anymore. boo Aleen boo.

So I guess that's it. Not much about my life cause it sucks. So bye xoxo


So I'm going to Langkawi this Thursday. I wonder what to do there for 4 DAYS! haih -.- can I just stay at home and hibernate.... can anyone recommend me where to go?

well I found this website : http://www.langkawi-info.com/attractions/10-things-to-see.htm
Its actually good. haha at least I wont be bored as hell dekat situ.

One thing I hate about going out for a holiday is packing my bag. like that is such a big lazy bum bum for me. I dont feel like packing cus I dont know what to bring there. I dont know what to wear. I end up wearing the simple clothes ever cus Im too lazy to bring too many tudung. hahahaha so yeah

will update ya guys when Im going there :) kay kay xoxo

Movie Mania

Guess what? Well for some of you may know where I live probably knows my daily activity. haha yes, MOVIES! Yup I'm really pissed off with myself too cus I wasted money on some shit movies. not as shitty lah but okay lah

Watch this TWICE! haha first with my mum on the first day, second time with my two girls Jue and Nad. Lisa is just simply cute I swear! Tomok like omg! hahaahha so cute. but sekarang he's bald and ada misai and.... such a no no for me :( haha I feel like marrying him but sadly he's taken and dah ada anak pun -.-

Watched this with my two buds, Emir and Zaheer. The cinema we went in was superb huge. rasanya tu panggung paling besar kut. We bought the normal tickets but end up seating at the couple seats. cus durhhh lagi luas kut! I'm sorry but I'm really not a fan of Skyfall. I dont understand a thing so I ended up sleeping after an hour of suffering to understand the story. but the guys said it was cool shit so idk. maybe you guys should watch it.

This is a cute romantic loyal movie indeed. Nora is a great actress and she's so untung gila nak mati dapat Adi Putra as her partner. I mean just look at that man! :0000 This movie teaches us how to be loyal? Idk. setia gila la, suami dia dah hialng ingatan but she still tabah and all such ala faham faham je lah what I want to sampaikan -.- 

Watched this with ze Asrama buddies, haha total boring movie :( I mean yeah its cute that someone would actually bring a dog to life. maybe dia sayang sangat dekat anjing dia kut. This shows that err sifat sayang terhadap binatang. *claps* but its all black and white -.- anddd the movie characters are like super scary. mata besar nak mati -.-

Well I watched this with my babygirl, fatin and ze two loser :P hehe aiman and emir..... this is like the funniest movie I watched after PMR lah. hahaha I mean all the characters are funny. Totally enjoyed it :) 

Watched this movie two time too. Its not scary, honestly. Its just that banyak scene mengejutkan. If you're a person who really is not scared of anything, you'll find this movie the boring shit evaaaa. So yeah, funny story at the cinema. A guy behind me was like 'ala movie ni bnyak trkejut je, tak takut pun' and the minute after that 'terkejut scene' he was like 'babi takut sial cerita ni' hahhaha it happened to my friend too. typical malaysians

Watched this with someone too but I don't quite remember who. Anyways, this is truly a good movie. At least I faham this daripada Skyfall. haha no other things to say about this movie but well done!

Engagement Ceremony

10/11/12 : A beautiful date, how lucky of my cousin to get engage on this particular day! Well, congratulations to Abang Adil(my cousin) and his fiancee Kak Zehan :) hihi she's a beauty.

Aren't they cute? haha if Im not mistake they've been together for 3 years. 

Anyways the theme was purple at first and I look stunning in purple(ceh) haha then my aunt changed it to green but most of us wore aquagreen but still it works hahaha. What I hate abt weddings and such is that the urge to get married revolves around me :( 

Sabar Aleen sabar, 6 years more you all will be seeing an awesome wedding card from me :p 

PMR Life

Sorry its been a while since the last time I post something. hehe too busy with PMR. Alhamdulillah it went well, and now I'm patiently waiting for my result on 19th Dec. whoa wish me luck guys xoxo

Bless my school for having activities after PMR every single day. Plus, dapat cuti extra 1 week. haih for some reason I just love my school. I won MOST of the activities though. mehehehehe

Now I have another month to wait for my result,and two weeks after that to wait for 2013. I just felt like time is running too slow. Don't you think? Im getting bored as hell at home :( Anyone kind enough to come over? Its not that hard to find my house if you live in Klang. Oh well anything update me ya guys? thankyou  :)