You know what's hard being a teenager? Confuse emotions all the time. I love being a teenager at some point because of the fun. But the emotional types that involves love and friendship? Sucks

Based on my experiences, my friends are all backstabbers at some point. They'll talk shit about me to others once in a while, or even blab out my secrets, oh oh and not full-filling their promises. But that's normal, as a 16-year-old nothing is forever. Wait, at any age nothing is forever.

A quick tip, as a girl who constantly have PMS every month, don't let it overcome you tho. Its not good and actually personally I think that PMS you is not an excuse whenever you are pissed with someone or dealing with multi-emotions. You can actually overcome it like for example just keep your mouth shut and not expressing your hate feelings to someone, it can leads to them telling other people what you're pissed about. As for muslim girls, we all know how to calm ourselves right? Wudhu'! As simple as that! There's no use for you to talk bad about someone who you're pissed with cause it is a sin right? And if you're down in the dumps, just cry and let it out to a chair or something that doesn't have a heart. Sharing your problems with someone is good sometimes, but you can't trust that person 100%. So to be safe, share it to yourself or to god as He actually listens and sees our pain much more than anyone around us.

And girls, please don't ever let ego overtake you. This whole 'if he loves me, he should act first' concept is just so old school. We're in the year of 2013 not 1980's where guys are gentlemen. Agree with me that 70% of the guys you know are load of bullshits. Look, if you want to talk to him, make a move. If you want him to know that you're jealous or hurt just tell him. To me, the concept in being in a relationship is 'keep it simple'. Sometimes they just don't notice the little shit tings girls feel cause girls are quite good actors I must say. However, there are still guys that are perfect and pleasing to the eye. If your boyfriend is an ass, consider yourself lucky, cause you're just another step closer meeting the perfect one for you :)

I consider myself lucky after knowing that I was(still to be exact) friends with backstabbers, loved a guy who doesn't even love me back, looked down on lower class kids, pushed the ones who truly cares, ignored the ones who loved me, hold on to someone who took me for granted and the list goes on. I'm still 16 and there are more stairs that I need to climb. Lesson learned. No regrets, honestly.