Movie Mania

Guess what? Well for some of you may know where I live probably knows my daily activity. haha yes, MOVIES! Yup I'm really pissed off with myself too cus I wasted money on some shit movies. not as shitty lah but okay lah

Watch this TWICE! haha first with my mum on the first day, second time with my two girls Jue and Nad. Lisa is just simply cute I swear! Tomok like omg! hahaahha so cute. but sekarang he's bald and ada misai and.... such a no no for me :( haha I feel like marrying him but sadly he's taken and dah ada anak pun -.-

Watched this with my two buds, Emir and Zaheer. The cinema we went in was superb huge. rasanya tu panggung paling besar kut. We bought the normal tickets but end up seating at the couple seats. cus durhhh lagi luas kut! I'm sorry but I'm really not a fan of Skyfall. I dont understand a thing so I ended up sleeping after an hour of suffering to understand the story. but the guys said it was cool shit so idk. maybe you guys should watch it.

This is a cute romantic loyal movie indeed. Nora is a great actress and she's so untung gila nak mati dapat Adi Putra as her partner. I mean just look at that man! :0000 This movie teaches us how to be loyal? Idk. setia gila la, suami dia dah hialng ingatan but she still tabah and all such ala faham faham je lah what I want to sampaikan -.- 

Watched this with ze Asrama buddies, haha total boring movie :( I mean yeah its cute that someone would actually bring a dog to life. maybe dia sayang sangat dekat anjing dia kut. This shows that err sifat sayang terhadap binatang. *claps* but its all black and white -.- anddd the movie characters are like super scary. mata besar nak mati -.-

Well I watched this with my babygirl, fatin and ze two loser :P hehe aiman and emir..... this is like the funniest movie I watched after PMR lah. hahaha I mean all the characters are funny. Totally enjoyed it :) 

Watched this movie two time too. Its not scary, honestly. Its just that banyak scene mengejutkan. If you're a person who really is not scared of anything, you'll find this movie the boring shit evaaaa. So yeah, funny story at the cinema. A guy behind me was like 'ala movie ni bnyak trkejut je, tak takut pun' and the minute after that 'terkejut scene' he was like 'babi takut sial cerita ni' hahhaha it happened to my friend too. typical malaysians

Watched this with someone too but I don't quite remember who. Anyways, this is truly a good movie. At least I faham this daripada Skyfall. haha no other things to say about this movie but well done!