Quite frankly, it's been like months since the last time I update my blog which was 2012? Haha well I read through my blog and decided to continue it since I don't have a diary and no one actually reads my blog so yeah. It's 2013, I got 8A's for my PMR! Alhamdulillah and currently I'm taking full science in form 4

Form 4 is such an ass kicker honestly. Practically, it's like back to the basic. The subjects aren't that hard, I'm just that lazy to learn all of it. So new subjects for this year are Addmaths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics. Not a major fan of Physics cause I couldn't understand a thing, hate bio cause its a reading subject and trust me I just got lucky getting an A for Sejarah last year. Chemistry is a killer, you'll understand it at first and that shit gets weirder and weirder. As for Addmaths, not as hell like how people say. You just need to understand what it wants and well for me, I think its much much easier than Modern Maths.

Next, umm well I love 2013 cause I just discovered who I really am and who I can be in the future. I also learned that I can't trust people easily. It really sucks after knowing I've been friends with assholes and backstabbers for the past 3 years in STAR. Also learn that love in such a young age is just pure bullshit, I mean I'm still 16. I shouldn't be holding on to someone who may not even be my future husband. So to keep it simple, I'll just wait for my mum to recommend me some hunk doctors when I'm 21 :)

I'm in this crisis where I just couldn't stop playing with my gadgets. It's bugging my family and myself too cause I don't spend much time with them anymore. boo Aleen boo.

So I guess that's it. Not much about my life cause it sucks. So bye xoxo