I randomly asked myself, 'why do people have to make wrong decisions in life?'
Some said that mistakes and experiences are the best teacher in life.

Personally, I don't understand that term until now. When a teacher makes a mistake, it shows that he/she fails to educate correctly. Same goes to us, basically myself. To me, when I made a mistake, it shows how stupid and careless I am in life, how unaware I am of my surroundings, how incautious I am when it comes to making life decisions and so on. 

'It's fine, you're still young. Make room for mistakes

Another term that I hardly accept. I am young, I am sixteen but when I make mistakes, I tend to wreck myself even more instead of finding the positive side of it. I am fragile, I'm easily wreck and break, not literally. 

Here's a common story that most of us experienced at this age, love. Such a powerful word but when I think maturely, I have such low knowledge about love. All I know is ever since I was born, I have a strong wide feeling that can never disappear which is loving my family. However, when I was 14, I was blinded by love. I cared too much about some guy that I hardly even knew. 'Monkey love' that's what the old folks called it. I couldn't agree more, 90% chance things at this age won't last. Friendships, boyfriends, girlfriends... Its nothing. It's just some kind of extra feeling of love we feel about someone other than your family.

I had a boyfriend, loved him as if he was my world. Well at least I thought he would be. Wasted 2 years putting him up as my number 1. I regret that so much. I could have spent those years being cheerful and happy with my family, rather than worrying about my boyfriend and being moody every time we fought. Today, I laughed at myself for acting likewise. I couldn't be more happier now, there is not much to think of... no problems just joy. 

I wont talk about ONLY boyfriends and such. Friends are also sometimes a pain in the ass, especially the ones who talks bad behind us. Yes, been there done that. Next chapter, friends who used us for something that they want. Yes, been there done that as well. For this chapter, not many of us has experienced this I believe. For me, most of my friends are only interested in my money. How materialistic are they? Too much. 

'Learn from your mistakes'

Yes, this is one of the terms that brought me back to life. This is one of the terms that actually helps us to realise how hard life is. Truthfully, at this age? This is just a beginning. My family members are all grown up, watching them and analysing their problems that they had to overcome in life is very much painful yet interesting as I learned to be more cautious in life. 

In life, there are ups and downs. You just have to live with it . Suck it up, get your hormones and shits together, start accepting and move on. Hard? Well go to the library, go to the 'self enrichment' corner. Thank me later :)