Last minute notice, they told us we're gonna sit for an exam a week before the exam. That week talah penuh with Sukan and Qiamullail lagi. I swear I did not prepare much for this exam but Alhamdulillah boleh jawab :)

The papers are from PPD so its more like a trial I guess, ikut format PMR lah. I won't say a thing about it. I don't wanna expect any good marks or anything, I'll just leave and pray that my results will be better.

I just wanna clear out about what happened today, last paper was Agama for the muslims. It wasn't that hard, not easy as well too. I sat beside Uzair and ohmygod I swear he just dapat jawapan just like that, so tanya ah dia 'kau tau ke smua jawapan' his reply : aku hentam je. hahaha nice answer. Bnyak pula kertas dia guna, I think about 5 or 6 papers? Cool en.