Hello Baby

Omg I just notice I did not post anything about my sister! hahaha okay, dia dah bersalin!!!!!!!!!!! babygirl :) Her name is Ainaa Safiyyah :) So masa kakak pantang, she's staying here with us. So as usual Im the new bibik yawww! haha but bibik yg tak guna juga la. hahaha I remember when Aisy was still a lil baby, now he's 3 years old. Time flies :') 

Meet Ainaa Safiyyah... Born 27.06.12... 10.52am... 2.9kg... 

Here's another picture that is so damn cute, Aisy and his lil baby sister. I swear Aisy can be annoying at times but he is very caring. Sayang betul dia dekat adik dia :') awww my two anak buah's