Pahang Oh Pahang

On the first weekend of schl holidays, I went to Bukit Tinggi Pahang. I remember the last time I pergi sana, I was 5 I think. and now I'm 15. 10 years gone by :')

So we stayed at the same hotel like 5 years ago. Well rasanya itu je la hotel kat sini.. kut lah. Hotel De'colmar! The workers there are so friendly!

Guess what? Our room is the one with the windows open. hehe tinggi kan? Rooftop babeyh!

So this is Kakteen, Abg Rizal, Aisy, Abi and Me at the pathway of the hotel. Ummi took this picture. Lawa kan tempat ni time maghrib :) The lights

And this is my lovely parents :) I swear their the cutest.

Petang tu, kami pergi ke Animal park! and jalan jalan around the hotel! I took a picture with a horse! It's super strong, pastu besar gila. dalam gambar je nampak kecik. pelik benor

So yeah this is like the cutest rabbit ever! Tak gigit pun. Haha and I know the fact that I'm cute too :p

Ok funny story about this, I was busy taking pics with this rabbit when suddenly Aisy datang dgn packet of rabbit food tau. Mula2 dia sumbat dekat hidung rabbit tu, kesian gila lah kat rabbit. then dia tngok dari bawah pstu sumbat the food kat mulut rabbit. berani kan? haha that's my lil anak buah :)

balik je dari Animal Park, jalan2 dekat hotel tu tau. Ada this place where they did the hand using wax! It's awesome and super fun to do. haha you see that sign? Maksudnya 'F' :)

The next day, kitorang pergi err Japanese Botanical Garden if I'm not mistaken. Ok ni dah mcm hiking tau sebab kitorang kena naik bukti yang curam and perjalanan like jauh doh. Serious sesak nafas time naik. Haha sampai semput semua org. Oh yes, this is all ze member of the family (except me). Ni before nak naik shuttle untuk pergi ke Japanese Botanical Garden.

Ze three beautiful ladies :) hehe ikut ketinggian and kegemukan? jahatnya. haha obv saya paling kurus dan tinggi OH WELL *flips hair

and drumroll please.... haha ze gentlemen. Look, semua pakai stripe shirts, macam dah janji. 

I know, we're just so cute. ni dekat dalam Japanese house. 
Ok pls tell me that this boy is just so cute. haha 

So this is my 2nd family :) cehh lawa kan background dia? Ni dekat dengan dia punya Japanese house and how big is my thighs weh!

Had a great weekend with my love ones, looking foward for some other fun activites with them :) xoxo