Back To School

I would say my holidays were okay, the only sad thing about it is not seeing SH :( But whatthehell its already school week and I miss everyone.

So us, Budi kids, dapat news kena tukar kelas dengan Jaya. Serious such a bummer weh, there's like so many memories at the block form 6 tau! I'll miss the tangga, the store room in our class, that thingy tepi pintu, everything. Oh being so dramatic

Kitorang kena tukar sebab my classmate, Trishanthan accident. Kaki dia patah, no wait something lah about his kaki so he can't climb up the stairs. Well I don't blame him FULLY kan I mean how is he gonna climb up the stairs, mmg takda maknanya lah ada budak yang rajin nak angkat dia. Talah kelas kitorang dkt 3rd floor. haaa

So we had to say goodbye to the class :(