Midterm Exam

Last week was my midterm exam. I studied my ass off and I guess it paid off. Tapi result tak tau lagi lah. I don't aim high or anything, ye la nanti patah seribu juga kang. I alrd knw my Sejarah results and seriously its bad. very bad. But pelik lah juga how our results semua teruk. Rasanya cikgu salah mark kut. How smart my teacher told us our awful Sejarah marks time tengah nak exam Geo. Memang on the spot everyone lemah semangat nk jawab.

So I sat behind this time, exchange place with SH. He sits behind, bawah kipas. hehe ok duduk belakang best, one thing for sure cikgu tak aim kita tiru and you can see everyone from behind. Cheating is just a normal thing for students in my class. So I was just staring at some amateur cheaters. haha yang pro semua kemain lagi tiru doh.

Wait, I shouldn't be typing that. mnjatuhkan reputasi kelas aku je. Anyways, now is schl holidays. I'm just thrill to take my shoes off, and just rest for 2 whole weeks :) adios muchachas