Cook Day

Today is Sunday and normally people will stay at home kan. Well me and Ummi masak today :) We cooked daging masak merah for Amirul, paru masak lemak fro kakteen, chocolate cake for the twins, spaghetti and custard for my bro in law's family. Seriously, tired and fun I suppose. Sorry did not took pics of the paru masak lemak and spaghetti. Tak sempat dah habis dah :(

Spoiler : This is the twins punya cake for tomorrow. Gonna celebrate with ze whole class perhaps. Chocolate layer cake and deco is just smarties and chocolate colour rice. Abi and Abang Rizal helped with the deco. hehe satu family tolong nak siapkan cake kembar dua org ni. Z & A stands for Zamri and Amirul ftw :) 

Simple recipe that I tried. Blendkan halia, bawang merah, bawang putih, chili. Tumis then masukkan daging. Add on kunyit, garam, gula dan air yg secukupnya. The green thingy there is daun limau purut bagi wangi sikit :) Walahhh daging masak merah, Amirul's favorite :)

Tomorrow insyaAllah akan update about Kembar's birthday. hopefully they like this and harap2 Amirul bagi A+ for this dish. hehe