So my boyfriend's birthday is coming up. Hujung bulan ni. I still dunno what to do or what to give. He won't let me spend too much. Yeah I understand but seriously I really don't mind spending. Since he have a twin brother, kena celebrate dua dua lah en. Takkan nak biarkan kembar dia, kesian pula. Can anyone tell me what to give? Hadiah untuk lelaki is so hard -.-

But I talked to Ummi tho and she has this crazy idea but I kinda like it. haha I like it when my mum ada this teenager punya otak. Alhamdulillah I take it as a restu :') It's good that Ummi knows about it. Taknak berahsia dengan family. My family calls him Ustaz Amirul since he is more likely a better Muslim than me. I mean, he knows a lot about Agama and I find that very interesting. My dad knows about us too but he's more idk quiet? But he does complain a bit cause of my phone bills XD Sorry Abi!

Wait, I was suppose to talk about birthdays. So yeah someone help me please.

p/s : what's the difference between has and have? I think my grammar is getting worse.