Model Item Berfokus

So since I'm a PMR candidate this year, exam setiap bulan lah en? I just finished my UB2 which is actually a Model Item Berfokus from PPD. Masuk form1-3. I kinda respect that sebab bagus lah dapat train myself for PMR. sekurang-kurangnya aku study lah juga en.

BM, BI was okay. BUT! sadly I terpesong in BI :( hilang 25 marks. dah tak boleh dapat A for a subject that I love. Science and Maths? Paper 1 was easy. haha ok this is kinda batak but I 'dapat' 40/40 for Maths 1. Tapi bila Ummi calculate 38/40 je sebenarnya. Dalam kelas kemain batak cakap 'ala aku confirm 40/40 lah senang kut Maths' o.0 ok I shall not batak about my Maths. Kang tak pasal pasal jadi macam BI careless mistake.

Science paper 2 was asdhjkl hard man! Like banyak kut tak tau. So yeah B for science it is. I can't aim higher than 70 for this exam. Somehow its easy but I can't get good marks. Oh ya confirm Geo Imma get a C. Habis lah kena marah dengan cikgu Geo aku. He's damn strict and for sure he's gonna bebel to me since I get an A for my prev test. Ahhh die

Anyways now exam is over, but I still have my mid-term exam in another 3 weeks. So I can't be all like chill. Nak kena study balik Geo and Agama since I suck at it. Ya Allah malunya cakap yang I suck in Agama :( haih hopefully I can score it. I don't wanna embarass my own religion tho.

And and and I still have folios to catch up. Uuuuu being a form 3 student sangat lah busy :(