Cuti PMR

PMR is today. Im here in my house nothing to do, well suppose to be studying since my exam is like so damn near, 17 days to go. It sucks knowing that my birthday falls on the same day of my exam. *sigh Last year pun sama actually.

Cuti for the whole week, what did I do? Things that takda kaitan dengan buku. Memang, nak dapat straight A's tapi malas nak belajar? I wouldn't say that Im lazy or anything, its just that Im in this KRK class and no matter how low my marks are, Im still gonna be in that class sampai lah form3. It sucks because I dont have to worry about it, shit me for being in that class.

I went to Jusco yesterday (typical) with my darlings Jue and Najla. Dan ada jugak ze guys yg join : Amirul, Zamri, Zaim, Zuhaili, Aiman and Naim. Wow ramai lelaki but we didn't hang out with them too much.

Najla, the girl with ze camera. Memang ambik gambar kitorang DI MANA SAHAJA lah kan! I swear, she's soo pretty and everytime I stand beside her I feel like a kampung girl yang tak tahu nak dress up at all! I respect her and Syakirah for being so pretty pakai tudung :)

Well, my plan for today is studying Science, nak cover balik all the chapters I missed during the Malaysia Day Parade practice.