Train Day

Last two weeks kut me and my family pergi naik train ke KLCC. Why train? blame this kid :

Because of this lil boy here, kitorang kena naik train ok! and I was wearing a dress, bayangkan -.- horror. well we did have a great time naik train, the last time I naik train was when I was in stndrd 6 perhaps? ada trip ke KLCC no wait! I was in stndrd 5! haaa lama kan

Well, ni lah keluarga ku :) Abg Rizal(red shirt),
Abi(red shirt pakai bag),
Ummi (beautiful lady in Yellow tudung),
Kakteen (the gemuk in purple, but still pretty) and
Aisy (yeah that devil in the stroller) lalalala

I told him to show his lollipop, didn't expect him to show his tongue as well. Its like dia tengah promote lollipop. Haha 'Belilah Chupa Cup, even babies love 'em' :D

Tadaaaa told you I wore a dress. mehehehe me and my mum :)

You can see that Im dark. and Aisy still holding his lollipop (sepanjang trip naik train tak habis2 lagi dia punya lollipop). Ummi is not in this picture because she found an empty seat and she wont bangun sbb takut nnti ada org duduk dkt tempat tu.