Its been a really mess up week

7 days of torture, 7 days of bitter *err* LALALA! :D

Tahu tak apa terjadi? NAK BATAK NI! ok jap before that, exam is next week and I haven't studied yet. back to my story, the past few weeks I guess I've been a nurse for Fatin and Fatien. Kali ni ada orang jadi nurse untuk I :'D bangganya titew. The moment when your urat kaki tegang, ahhh yes 'macam nak beranak' <-- seperti mana Jue will say. haha sakit teramat kut, I cant even touch the ground but with the help of Mogannah and Jue, they saved me ! :D ok no, setakat urut and letak cream je lah. But time nak turun tangga pergi ke canteen, everyone was looking. MESTILAH! dah lah time tu baru balik from solat Asar, everyone stares at me as if I'm going to die in the next few minutes. SH was there to help me, but I didn't let him cause I don't want him to see me all 'ouch sakit *tears mcm budak kecik*' but now Im okay :)

Ah yes, has anyone ever talked about their boyfriend to their teacher? I have. Sumpah rasa awkward gila lah. I cant even breathe. Its too weird and until now I still rasa pelik, cikgu pun share love story dia dekat I. And for some reason it made me feel so special :) ok dah nak study (no tak akan pun) bye!