A country girl was born

Hi ! Im Fadhleen. I always wonder who read my blog, or who stalk my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Formspring. HAHA no one -.- mesti syok sendiri macam baboon kan?

Ok no! Emm Im promoting my kakak's blog :) She's awesome! No, Im not promoting her, Im actually promoting her sumpah delicious CUPCAKES! :DDDD Tak percaya? Dah kau tak rasa, tak beli mana nak tahu kan *innocent face* She sells not only cupcakes, cakes pun ada! For what occasions? Wedding, Birthdays, Engagement, Important event or just for fun. Edible image, fondant pun boleh :)

Bukti ia sedap? Beli lah :) order lah :) rasa lah :) Ok dah
I brought some to school whenever she have extras and I got good feedback from my teachers and friends. They simply love it.

http://ilovecupcake.blogspot.com/ <-- Ateen's homebaked cupcakes