Ujian Bulanan 1

First time exam is damn easy! :D Except for BM.XD The class kena arrange ikut abjad. So my name is the 7th. Although I want my name to be the 6th cuz its ma lucky number! lol in front of me is Fatien,behind me is Devarajan n beside me Daviana n Fayaddh. The easiest paper is AGAMA! I cant believe I can do all the questions! :D But its freaking annoying cuz Ramzan n Aiman keep asking m for the answer but to bad i didn't tell them! :P Sejarah is like OMG I'm in love with sejarah. Everything i write or say or comment mesti got some kind of sejarah words in it! If I got an A in Sejarah I would be like screaming cuz Im in love with that subject. lol. Geo and maths easy gila! Maths I got only one wrong if I'm not mistaken. KH its like nothing. Damn friggin easy! Well, hoping today dapat science n KH paper. No wait. I want ONLY the marks! I don't care bout the papers. I juz wanna knw my marks! :D