Puteri Umno

On 13th March 2010(Saturday). Puteri Umno organized 'anugerah kecemerlangan budak2 UPSR n PMR 2009'(something like that). I wore a purple dress! :D We have to sit ikut school so I sit with my old mates! I so damn friggin miss Pooja/Heng/Fadzil! they changed a lot! :D I sit next to Haranee and Ramzan(1 Budi classmate). Whoa Ramzan creeps me out! N then I saw Raudhah, Zamri, Amirul, Ameeroul, Syarah, Miza, Danial(STAR ppl). Fadzil is SKTG's wakil! OMG he is way way chubby now! :D Masa umumkan sekolah Convent/MGS/SJKC all the girls scream like hell! Talah the SKTG-ians duduk antara sekolah Convent n MGS. My goodness so bising! La Salle oso la but not seteruk Convent/MGS. The anugerah started at 9pm with an oppening 2 hour CERAMAH! Its a good thing i bring my phone(listen to music) n i oso chit chat with Hara. Its kinda sakit hati cuz penat2 kitorang datang dengan JAM gila! And then have to dengar the 2hour speech. Last2 dapat duit RM50 JERRR! Wasting my precious time only! :P