Merentas Desa

Woohoo! Walked/Ran 6km! haha. Very challenging. At one part I feel like dying n I feel like i want to sleep on the highway. Damn friggin tired. But at least I beat Haranee :P! Emir Afzan ran very fast la! I cant catch up with him. Totally envy u dude! Not to forget the two lil ones (Aiman n Ansori) ran very fast. I so need to knw how they do that! Although it was exhausting I did lose weight. Haha. 5kg ok! Beat that sista! This is the only reason why i come to school during merentas desa. I juz need to lose weight. Haha. But I hate merentas desa cuz im not fair la. Haha sunburn! N oso my leg is like cramp n ummm idk how to explain. All I can say is my leg is injured by that stupid lil rock in front of the road. Curse u rock! -.-