Merentas Desa

On Tuesday morning, went to school cuz ada latihan merentas desa. First thing is latihan memanaskan badan. N then LARI SATU PADANG 5 kali! Isn't that great! half-complete torture. After that, RUN AROUND THE SCHOOL 2 times! double great! FULLY torture! The field is damn HUGE n muddy! Torture ok! n FYI, it took me n my friend, Fatien 30 mins to ONLY run around the school. I repeat ONLY RUN. We didn't even walk cuz teachers are everywhere. If we walk, BAM! plus another round. Complete torture. Its not even the real merentas desa track. Its only the beginning. But one thing that makes me happy is Im losing weight if i keep this up. So, well that's one thing I like when this latihan ada. But still torture! Now, my legs memang idk la what to say. Hard to explain. I cant walk much lol. If not, my kaki damn sakit! -.-