Sleepover Week! Part1

On Sun n Mon, my two BFF, Blue n Bella sleepover at my house. Ok, on the first day we went to Jusco with Sulekha n her dad watch Valentine's Day movie. It was AWESOME! We also met Eversmann n his friends. N so damn effin weird cuz they were watching the same movie same time with us. N OMG! Taylor Lautner is damn effin hot! Taylor Swift kena berlakon jadi like a stupid girl u knw! After that, went to Speedy tengok cd's. Then pergi Popular! Many cool books I wanna buy but shortage of money XD. lol. After that, we all go back to my house. Joe oso but she tak tidur at my hse. N seriously, who in the world is obsessed with TJB! of course JOE! She used my laptop to look for tjb stuffs. effin weird n annoying -.- . BTW, when im writing this Aisy was screaming at my ears! Malam we all eat at Kopitiam in front of my house and of course took many pictures! At night, no wait sorry. At MIDNIGHT! Red dog keep sms Blue n Eversman's friend keep sms me all night long. Haha. It annoyed Iman. Poor girl.