Sleepover Week! Part2

The next morning, Bella kena squished by the mean evil Blue. Haha. So she sleep at the bean bag. But tak lama, sekejap only cuz Blue n me dah bangun after she left. lol. And then INTERNET TIME! lol. How great, pagi2 buta makeover EDWARD CULLEN! haha. I make sure that his lips were very damn pink. lol. Mean lil evil me. LOL! N then we look at chucky. haha. Bella was damn takut. Blue took a pic of the chucky and save it in her phone. Then , after mandi we all pergi makan at Subaidah. Blue send a pic of Chucky to Bella. Nice work BLUE! lol. Then, balik rumah terus main Internet as usual. Petang, we all go to Jusco. Beli coffee at Starbucks. I beli Caramel. Yummilicious. And then we watch the ghost story that hara brought. The movie not that scary. Only the music yang make it scary. I think if all ghost movies dont have sound effects and sound no one will get scared at all. -.- After that, upload all the sleepover pictures to make certain some1 jealous. :D And then THE END! :D