Chinese New Year

:D :D :D :D :D! So damn happy CNY is coming! :D Well, this weekend Iman and Haranee sleepover at my house! Maybe we're gonna watch movies n ummm idk. Haha. Then on the weekdays I'm going to Jusco with my friends. Cant wait for CNY! CNYCNYCNYCNY! U rock! The person who create CNY is genius! No wait. SUPERB genius. AND!!! and and and and the person who create lion dances and fireworks and ang pau giving and everything that happens on CNY are Einsteins! :D haha! I'm more excited than the chinese people! hahahaha! AND MOST importantly is SEMINGGU CUTI! wooot wooot!! I LUV CNY! :D :D :D *I cant breathe! need air*