Saturday is the MOST tiring day ever! OK. Start from the morning, me and my dad breakfast at Bangi Kopitiam. After that we round2 at Bandar Puteri cuz Internet down XD. Then, went home, I watched Anak Mami Kembali(stupid + penang talk learning??).My sis dah datang then me, KakAteen, Abg Rizal, KakIndah n Aisy tengok Senja Permai marathon. That TV show ok la. Its like very family thingy lol. Then we all pergi KL! Hantar cupcakes kat Hotel Putra KL if Im not mistaken. Then round2 sekejap at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. PERWH! Penuh gila! Ada Family Day BSN( I guess). So, pergi playground KLCC. Aisy main 'monkey bars'. I just remembered when I was little when my dad use to watched me play the monkey bars, I was damn effin good at it. Haha(now I cant!). Then Aisy naik kuda! :D Now very tired, lol. Ummi balik esok not sure wat time. I will be going to Zaheer's birthday lunch (InsyaAllah).