Saturday Weekend

This weekend my sister and family sleep at my house. Another way of saying is Aisy is here! :D
What a very great weekend to spend time with my nephew but today got sekolah ganti. ERT homework is to design clothes. I know it's easy for u fashion designer but it's damn hard for a stupid drawer like me. I don't even like drawing. Now i have to design? Not to mention it's a KERJA KHUSUS meaning it's goes to my exam grades. How great is that? like NOT! How am I suppose to design clothes for every different body shape. I already look at Nad's (the greatest drawer ever) clothes. It was Fabulous! I wish I can be like her. Hara's clothes is very nice too. My one looks like shit. Even my sister said it(not supporting me at all). See I'm already nagging bout this assignment. Great cant wait for more assignments to be assigned??? hahaha.