Ica Skating at Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday me n my friends went ice skating. Well, my friends yg join is Iman, Haranee, Sulekha, Kristen, Fariz, Zaheer, Emir n Adam (Iman's beruk :D). Start from the morning, Me n my dad pick up Fariz n Emir at Fariz hse around 10am. Zaheer ride with Kristen(dating in the car maybe <3). Iman go with her family n Haranee ride wif Sulekha. We all meet at Dunking Donuts around 11am. The reason all of us go ice skating is 4 Iman's bday celebration. All of us go ice skating for 3-4 hours. While all of us skate, every1 have to take turns to company Haranee cuz she doesn't want to skate. Even though we beg her 4 many times. Zaheer is the 1 who company Haranee a lot. They are so sweet n cute together. The Emir's(afzan n adam) were bonding with each other which makes Iman feel annoying. Then, Sulekha made new friends with this girl who we don't knw at all. Fariz still learning how to skate while me n Iman company him to skate. Zaheer keep falling many times but i didn't get the chance to laugh at him :(. Kristen is always with Zaheer which makes Haranee panas.Haha.We all had our lunch at PizzaHut without the parents. Our parents had lunch at Tarbush Express which I said that the restaurant is Haranee's cuz TarBUSH. U ppl no need to get it cuz me n iman get it.