Ok... IDK why but Im totally addicted to the Rubik cube since emm....well aahhhh...I FORGOT!! hmm....I start touching the cube masa Bola Jaring comp. So, ya im addicted to it since then. I learn how to solve the freaking cube from Zaheer. He taught me the Sotong Method. Sotong method is Ameerul's method. Every1 named that method Sotong Method. I also learn the Fadzil Method, Zaheer Method, Fariz Method n Haranee Method. Lets juz say that these ppl did some new tricks to solve the freaking cube so they called the method by using their names. Since I knw how to solve the cube, Im trying to solve it more faster. My new record is 1 min 30 sec. Haih -___-. The rest can do only 59 sec n below. The ppl that can solve the cube in my class are....... emm... Fariz, Zaheer, Ameerul, Emir, Syamil, Fadzil, Syahir n ME!. Now I want to break a new record. Hopefully b4 1 min la. :)