Birthday celebration

Well actually today is not my bday. My bday is on 22 Oct (dah lama lepas). Yesterday was Iman'sbday n tomorrow is Althea's bday n on Saturday is Yasmin's bday. In 1 week 3 friends celebrate their bday. So, on Sunday last week I bought 3 different but x la mahal gifts 4 my 3 friends. I gave Iman a idk what it is but its nice n her fav, Althea a thing that well i oso dk how to explain it, Yasmin a photo frame (she loves photo frame). Today I'm not going to school cuz no one wants to go to school today. Some students in my class go to RIMUP , Hara n Iman malas nak dtg n its super boring. Tomorrow also I'm not going to school cuz nak buat IC n ada medical appointment. So, adios mucha-chos