School Activities

Since UPSR is over, my school ade buat banyak activities at school. The last two weeks the year 6 pupils kena buat sandwich, sketch BI, skrap book n today ade bolajaring/bola sepak competition.But me,Iman n Yaya didn't go to school today cuz well we hate bola jaring. Next week ade presentation for the sketch BI. My group present cerita Si Tanggang but different sikit la. The others x tau la. Yg skrap book tu cikgu Rosmawati yg suruh buat. When it comes to that teacher, I'm so not gonna do anything at all. So, tomorrow I must go to school cuz my cuzin ask me too. He said he wants to take pics of our classmates. Friday? Same also. Picture taken by a cameraman/camerawoman Fariz/Fadhleen. This weekend nak rehat kat rumah n watch Sehati Berdansa.