Monthly Test 1

Last week had my first monthly test. ok Alhamdulillah some were easy only I struggle a bit in Sejarah as usual I cried by the end of it.

What's great about this time punya test was the whole class was like bincang jawapan for PJK. Cikgu yang jaga tu pula memang sporting habis. Me and Sofia duduk belakang, relax je tanya jawapan. I did not study for PJK, Sivik or Seni cause its too easy. haha

Maths was easy! Ok I won't aim 100 cause ada 2 soalan yang I don't know. But I think I may get at least 90 above. ceh everyone in class were saying maths was hard, aku diam je. hahaha I don't want them to think I batak pandai or something. But Sejarah pula diorang cakap senang, aku dekat belakang struggle gila nak jawab :(

Well now is ze schl holidays so maybe update more blog posts, upload videos in youtube, do a lil bit of Sejarah/Geography folio and back to school! :D

Oh yes, I have my choral speaking practice -.- but good news, balik to boleh lepak rumah Zaheer! Yeayeerrsss