Remember December

Yesterday went to Zaheer's house :) record some songs with him and Krissy. It was weird cause Za is the only guy. and its like eww gross I guess? Haha anyways tak sempat nak record lagu 'A Thousand Years' :( Need to find someone who can play that song and can come meet me. haha desperate ni weh! I tried playing it on the piano. Wushh susah lah.

Today, pergi rumah kakak and helped her bake 600 pcs of cupcakes :0 haha challenge accepted. Now my face is full with chocolate cream. Oh yes, I also did henna on my hair, its cheap and saja nak try :) Its nice...

Haha anyways esok ada SPBT and after that probably pergi Jusco tengok wayang. tengtengteng as always.