Hello December

My first day of December went great. Finally the first day of a month, I tak sedih langsung :) senyum memanjang. Well except moodswing but that's exception so yea

What did I do? Well 12am sharp until I'm not sure but maybe sampai subuh, talk to you :)
After that, watched Ombak Rindu with my babygirl, Julianna.

Yes niggas, this is Fadhleen, the girl who watch Breaking Dawn and Ombak Rindu on the 1st day. Jealous? yes, you should be. BAM! haha

Ombak Rindu just made me cry, and its way way better than Breaking Dawn. Plus Ombak Rindu lagi banyak kutipan on the first day than Breaking Dawn in Malaysia.

30 November, last day of November. A very awesome day with you :) So yes, I had a great ending of November and starting of December