Mid-term Exam

Cepat benor kan masa berlalu?
I got all my results and pretty much I got A,B and C :) nasib takda fail!
5A3B1C <-- tak ada lah teruk sangat kan ? :/ I mean well at least I didn't fail for maths again
Yeah! my C is maths seperti biasa

Sebelum ni cikgu cakap 5A's and above dapat sijil. Mihihi AKU DAPAT! :D
I guess, cause last year they did the same but canceled cause ramai caught cheating
This mid-term pun ada jugak yang cheat, kena tolak 20% of their marks for the subject
Kesian benor, but yeah padan muka siapa suruh meniru kan

Its June and its the middle of the year and I hate it already :)
Yeah early of June dah ada hal yang tidak diingini and things happen for no good reason
Eventhough its too early to make a July wish, but seriously I hope that things get better in July! I really need to calm down my nerves :/ toodles!