Choral Speaking Competition

After a month of practice, skipping classes and all jigga wangga. Finally, competition dekat Kapar
Sampai sampai je terus masuk dewan and im like 'and our dewan is just a quarter of it'. Looking foward to beat convent this year, since they won last year. But unfortunately, we didn't get placed or anything BUT still we work our butts off and well we won 'the best conductor' category. Hoho some of us cried but some of us were like 'Ass dude ? really ?' It was awesome :) Im sooo gonna miss skipping classes just to go to choral speaking practice. Hihi we are like one family yoo. Masa tunggu for the results, memang budak STAR berpecah belah, semua pergi mana entah. So I made new friends with an MGS lady and 2 of my ACS buds :D Oh oh oh Convent won -.- again. But yea yea yea tepuk la juga tangan untuk diorang tapi bila dngr diorang jerit, muka kami memang tiada senyuman. Haha wtf its kinda weird macam mana diorang menang this year, tak menepati SOME syarat pun :/ well aku datang jadi good sport so CONGRATS ladies !