Cameron Highlands

Went for a chilling vacation with ze family and cousins (:

Since Ummi never let me go to LA with my sister, she cheered me up by taking me to Cameron Highlands. Well nasib baik Cameron pun sejuk kan. Dah lama tak naik bukit, memang dizzy gila la kan. I wonder how the peeps yang naik bas pergi Cameron :/ Don't you feel like 'Im going to die ! This bus is gonna tumble and crash !'. Anyways when my uncle said we're gonna stay in a bungalow mmg dah imagine English bungalow la kan. Unfortunately dapat bungalow ala ala kampung sikit. But it's still good. Ada surau besar, 3 bilik, dapur underground. Memang suasana kampung and fresh air :D

We went to 5 places kut at Cameron in just one day, biasa la apabila map itu di tangan Ummi (:
Unforgettable moment was when me and my cousins pergi masuk bee maze, macam nak nangis cari jalan keluar. And then we went to the 'boh' plantation and time balik tumpangkan Cathy, a tourist from Germany. Macam awesome je kut

It was quite fun and cold durrrhhh but still IWANNAGOTOLA ! :'( tears all over. ecehhh not that desperate. haha sabar Aleen sabar