The Girls

I hate pantai's
Durrhhhh who doesn't -.-
They're just messin up people's daily life
Girl, you have 100+ prof pics
And all of it was like showing here and there
Yup, i read your comments(stalker an) and I dont give a damn to your friends
Well the ones who always said 'your hot,gorgeous,pretay,amazing'
(Y) to the ones who said 'woi memalukan islam'
Yes, I really heart the ones who said that

I was telling this to my friend and I was like wtf when she reply
'ew yew la diew tuw sOoO prasan rse diew xde hidOp...mlukan mk bpk jew'
MYGAWD kawan aku dah jadi remp -.-
that is when I wanna slap her in the face and shes not the only one yang dah jadi remp
Girls, waddup with you guys ? What happen deii ? Pergi Jusco lama sangat sampai terikut bahasa budak2 yang lepak kat situ ? Or maybe at Pavi entrance. Seriously whats wrong with everyone