can't touch this

Got to dance UK wooooottsss
That Martin Sierra dude ! I know he looks gay or a lil jambu but do I care ?
He rocks man ! Haha
'Im gonna give glam technique and booty' kewl
But he didnt get into the finals -.- But Jukebox Juniors did !
Oh ya, the title, the song ! luv it !

Since its like school holidays, gain weight as usual but at the face ! :o I blame rendang ! -.-
Raya Haji this year not that kewl and plans with friends all last minute cancel geee lame
I was thinking nak puasa this week, yeahp didnt work perut rasa macam nak explode
Last2 makan -.-

'I am special, I am beautiful, I am wonderful and powerful and stoppable, I am special'
Hate this ad in star world. Haih Star world is full of Model clocks ? *wanna be on top?*
Alaaa so girlish star world now. I wish that guy who use to say 'you're watching STAR WORLD'
and not that 'I am special.....' girls.