yes yes now PMR. All the candidates seems to be relaxing. Haih masa aku UPSR dulu nak sentuh laptop pun tak sempat, study bagai nak rak. But the PMR kids(ceh kids padahal dah teens) relax gila. esok PMR they all were like 'esok PMR bla bla bla' dgn tk de perasaan takut. Haih

Now im currently gay -.- haha whoa not that gay. Just like gay in omegle. and like stalker of Nurfarissa Adriana binti Mohd Farid. Almost everyday kut pergi check tumblr dia. Facebook dia. Formspring dia and everything la. Oh thats so gay. But no, Im not gay. Im fully straight

Lastly, hate STAR ! Ya knw why ? Buat exam on my bday ! I still dun get it. My bday falls on friday. Takkan la exam starts on friday. Doesnt even make any sense deii. Die la whoever yang suruh exam on my bday (not literally)