Hey you !
Let's just face it, everyone loves you cause your rich and hot. But hell to the no with your attitude. Lemme tell you something about yourself. About your watch, I know your rich sampai boleh beli jam Guess worth RM600 something. But showing it off at school ? Someday, that watch wont be at your wrist. Okay tahu la zaman skang, almost everyone ada bibik. But ikat kasut pun nak suruh bibik ? Eww please la, when your alrd 20 and we're still 'friends' I guarantee I'll be ROTFLMAO when I see you trying to tie your shoes like an idiot. During heavy rain, I can hear you bragging 'Banjir! mcm mna ni, I talah sensetive'. So your sensetive with rain ? Bagus la, if I get a chance to prank you or something, just throw water and you'll be crying on your 'friends' shoulders. Next, I dislike you .Has anyone notice your evil horn and tail ? I noticed. Why I dislike you ? Cause your freakin choosy ! U pick friends that are rich and famous. Your so greedy ! you just dont like to see me being praise by people huh. Yea, I know you hate me, but I hate you too, so we're even. In camp rock, your Tess Tyler and Im Peggie. We all know the ending :P