Suckish Day!

OMG! Today sucks! Like seriously! Form1 students have to clean their classroom for almost two hours. Like shit only. Budi students(some of them) also ngekkk gila sebab tak tolong at all. Ok from the beginning, kipas depan Zamri and Sharan buat. Kipas belakang Yong, Umar, Alif buat (haha so many). Lastly, kipas tengah FADHLEEN and Amirul my assistant buat. Haha ceh! Actually I only hold the chair so that Amirul wont fall and die. But too bad I was busy looking at ppl, Amirul fell three times bcuz of me. Eh! no, the third time was Najla's fault for saying me and Amirul suit together. Like so NOT! :P And part gores meja, SUSAH GILA. My nails now blue bcuz of the meja. Ngekkk to the humans yang conteng meja. After that I keep pissed off every minute cuz all the bengong ppl keep commenting about the bulletin board! Can u guys like shut up?! I knw la its ugly! Nanti I betulkan la ngok! Haishhhh....... And then ah lil Firdaus keep messin with me. OMG! b4 I forgot, to the Budi ppl yang baca ni.... I DONT LIKE APPLE NOOB or even ZIGGY APPLE. Life sucks ryte? LIVE WITH IT!