Gotong-royong Perdana

Yesterday, suckish ryte?
TODAY, suckish-er!

Why did I join KRS?! Omg we all have to like clean the big padang! By we, I meant me, Fatin, Nabilah, Adliana, Meera, Wani and some other form2++ students. So effin hard! Puteri Islam and Pandu Puteri kebanyakannya only like bersihkan bilik guru yang kecik comel je -.- I envy them. After that ah, Apple Noob was looking for me. And I was like wat the? Why is IT looking for me? XD I totally look like a freak retard kid everytime I saw this THING. Muahahahahhahaha naaaaahhhhhh omg like crapping! LALALALALLA. *ignore the sentence that i type in red* Well, I better go and sleep. :D