Trip to Putrajaya

Today after breakfast me n my family pergi Putrajaya. It was damn awesome. First we all go to Taman Cabaran and took pics at this 'rock wall'? Haha damn nice! Then, we go to Tasik Putrajaya Cruise. OMG! I love that cruise! Its so luas and very very very cold. I think Aisy is crazee when it comes to W.A.T.E.R. lol. He laughs/smiles by himself when he saw the lake and river and bridge. And then we took lots of pics on the cruise. Aisy buli me u knw! He wont let me 'dukung' him so he keep like pushing himself and kicking me. Haih sabar je la. After that lunch kat sana. Delicious food lol. Then sembahyang at the nearest mosque. Not to be rude but that mosque is so..... haih. The rules very ketat and the securities not friendly. Haha my sis pissed off a lot. Then, BALIK! Haha.