Hang out day!

Today went to Iman's house. Kena la bangun awal AGAIN! These past few days tak cukup tidur la. Malam tidur at 12am pagi bangun at 6.30am. Its a good thing tomorrow no plans! :D I can wake up at anytime. Ok back to the story. Pagi2 Abi hantar pergi rumah Kak Ateen. Pastu, Hara n her dad pick me up at around 9am, reach at Iman's house at 10am i think. No wait! 9.45am. Haha. Sampai je rumah Iman, all i can say is 'WOW'! I so so love her house. I mean the inside. Its like whoa! haha. So first thing we do is main monopoly for 5 mins. Haha. I'm really not into that game cuz its idk boring i think. Then, laptop time and ps2 time. Seriously we didn't talk much. We keep laughing at Adam. Haha poor dude don't have any friends! :P I WAS suppose to puasa. But i cant take it of the deliciousness of the Mc Donald and the jahatness of Adam drinking in front of me. So i buka puasa XD. Tomorrow i puasa la. lol. Adam keep kicking/touching me! :P haha ya i knw I'm crazy bcuz of that dude -.-. Petang we all go to the taman. Dude! Seriously, Iman's neighbourhood is awesome! Haha! Wish i could live there! (keep dreaming). At the taman, I saw this guy he looks exactly like my cuzin, Naim, totally the same! Haha. OK la that's all. -END-