Babysitting time!

At 8am until 9.30am I am in charged of taking care the little Aisy. That makes me a babysitter and babysitting is for OLD people and not like me! :P Wow, dah lama I tak jaga Aisy. He can crawl, climb, scream, jump, climb, climb and CLIMB! My goodness this kid doesn't knw how to stay in one place! Nasib baik I jaga him 1 and a half hour only. What if the whole day?! I can die! lol He likes to crawl everywhere, scream when he is doing something that he is not allowed to and he like to climb the stairs. Not to forget he's obsessed with camera's! Now he is trying to reach this laptop. Hold on let me put him back where he is SUPPOSE to be. *taking the boy to Bibik Indah* Back! hahaha ok now he is crawling to me again! Haha i juz push him n now he is climbing the meja jepun. Haih Aisy Aisy!