Warga STAR

2ND week of school is so freaking tired. On Tues n Thurs my rumah sukan ada latihan. I'm in rumah Perdana. Then during school time, HOMEWORK! Well that's just the basics. My everyday routine. 9am bangun pagi, mandi, siap n then turun bawah n eat! 12am aunty van pick me up, arrive at school at 12.15pm. Then, have to walk 100m to school di bawah matahari yang sangat terik. Then wait for Haranee n Liyana at the pondok. In class, chat with Sharah, Fer Lyn n Hara. Then study. During balik time walk another 100m to the flyover n wait for the aunty to pick me up there. Reach home at 7.15-7.20pm. That's my everyday routine. On weekends rehat! N my weight. Weekdays turun 2kg weekends naik balik 1kg. frustrating!