1st Day of School

On the 1st day, I was totally nervous+scared. Luckily my mum was at home. She helped me to calm down. But that day I was sick so I didnt have the energy to move a lot. My van aunty pick me up at 12pm and I reached school at around 12.30pm. At school, I waited for the form3 students to dismissed from class because form1 n form3 share class. I also waited for Haranee and Liyana to reached school. There are 22 students in my class. That is because my class is KRK. Normal classes have 53-55 students. I'm very glad that my class have only 22 students. When recess time, me, Haranee n Liyana hang-out near the form2 classes while the guys (I mean the guys at SKTG) hang-out near us. Next week fully study. This week fully not study.