for once in my life,I've never jumpa a group of girls that are so damn suckish gediks.Feel like want to kill them by chopping their heads off n buried in the sand until tinggal bangkai sahaja. Wow,that's a little over.But I have to say that cuz some day I will do it.No I wont.I wouldn't dare to do that cuz I can end up in jail.N I don't want to be in jail.BTW,DPP means diva popular perasan.Mazwana yg invent the name first.Pastu everyone pun ikut.FYI,the gediks sume muka hitam.But perasan yg hot guys kat our school minat dorang.IYD!!!Lebih baik tengok muka group aleen yg lebih putih dari diorang.GTH lah DPP!!!