Befor UPSR and After

before UPSR :-
1. study,study,study
2. revision,revision,revision
3. tests,tests,tests

After UPSR :-
1. surfing the Internet.
2. Going to Australia wif my family.(kalau boleh)
3. Spending more time wif my friends like going to cinema, shopping n vacation.
4. Doing my part-time work.(kecik2 dah ada part-time kerja)
5. Take pictures with my brand new camera.(kalau dapat)
6. Buy a new phone.(kalau boleh nak Sony erisson)
7. Get 5A dapat $$$$.
8. Doing fun activities after UPSR at school.
9. Go to somewhere with my BBBFFNENE.(best best best friends forever n ever n ever)
10. Doing insane things.