everyone has those embarrass days in their life.This is what happen to me n my friends.My friend(guy) seluar dia kena tarik.Dah dua kali.Infront of girls(by girls i mean me).I dont know why ppl would do that to him,maybe they are jealous cuz my friend is smart so for revenge they tarik seluar dia(i guess).

First time kena only his friends n I saw it but the second time my friends n I see it.meaning all the girls see it.So he cry.Of course la ryte,it is the most embarrass thing ever.That is him.The nasib malang guy.I wont tell you the name nanti malu plak dia.Hope he will be okay.

Iman my friend always dimalukan.BTW Iman is a girl.Some ppl think that Iman is a guy name but its not.Anyway the idiots in my class always call her mean names like kambing,black n white,aimaniman n now curly hair grandmother.She always said to me that she will sabar cuz sabar adalah separuh daripada Iman.She is also my bff.

Paling kesian at Iman la.She is a nice girl but i dont know why the idiots do that to her.At one time the idiots throw things to her n say bad words to her like the four letter word sometimes the 3 letter word.To me her life is soo complicated n miserable.To her,her life is x tau la.

So thats just it.Embarrassment among my friends.I think I once have been embarrass but x ingat bila.Rasanya masa Aleen tahun 3 kut.Cam mana tah Aleen main kejar2 dlm kelas n then tiba2 je mcm ada org tarik kain baju kurung pastu Aleen tejatuh.X ingat sape yg tarik rasanya Syamil kut.